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What to expect:

  • I am 100% honest when reviewing books and will do so in my authentic voice and personality. 
  • I aim to review books within 30-90 days after receiving them. If there is a specific time frame that you would like me to read your book by, please include that in your email and I will try my hardest to do so.
  • I will include the title, author, genre[s], format and source, and publisher. I will also include a picture of the cover of the book, my honest opinion, a synopsis, a rating out of 5 hearts, and links to where it can be purchased.
  • I prefer paperback or hardcover for reviews
  • I will accept ebooks as well 
  • My reviews are typically posted to Goodreads and this blog :) 

Preferred Reading Genres 

  • Young Adult/New Adult 
  • Adventure
  • African American Lit
  • Fantasy 
  • Historical Fiction
  • Self-Help/Non-Fiction
* I am not interested in: paranormal, horror, erotica or politics

If you wish to contact me for a review or any other bookish sorts, you may use my contact form or email me at jenn@quiteanovelidea.com with a synopsis, release date, genre(s), and link to Goodreads page.
Happy reading:)

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