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The Best Is Yet To Come

The odometer read 70 mph. Wind blew through my hair as the sun beamed down approvingly on me. The temperature was perfect and there wasn't a care in the world. My music was blaring and I was singing to my heart's content and.......


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I was doing all of this while looking through my rear view mirror.

Disclaimer: no imaginary characters were hurt in the making of this scenario.

The scenario seemed perfectly normal until you realized I was looking the wrong way, huh? But to be honest...that's how I'd be driving around mentally for years. 

With the new year underway, I (along with many of you) have been reflecting. One of my best friends, Ashley, shared with me that rather than making New Year's resolutions, she makes character goals. The idea is that you tackle something in your character that you are SICK AND TIRED of from the previous year(s). It can't be something that you think you ought to change, but aren't really bothered by. It has to be something that you are absolutely disgusted by. 

This got me thinking. What were some of my epic fails from 2017 (see 2013-2017 🙈) ? Honestly, it was a bit scary to even think about. I didn't want to dig up unpleasant memories or moments, but I also didn't want to repeat some of the same things that had caused me grief. 

Since I've been accused of having "Dory brain", I took to rereading some of my past journals. What were some recurring themes? What topics monopolized the pages? My findings...

My focus was on my past, not my future.

It was embarrassing how much I wrote about something that hadn't gone as planned or about a disappointment. And even more embarrassing was that I had bought into the lie that God's goodness was behind me. 

Not getting what I mean? Ok. Imagine someone bumping Destiny's Child 1999 "Say My Name" on REPEAT as if it had just come out. Sure, it's a good song, but since then better music has hit the scene! Shoot, Beyonce has produced better songs since then. 

This is how I was feeling as I reread my journal. I imagined God saying, "Jenn, snap out of it! Sure, those things happened, but can't you see that there's goodness available to you now? I have so many good things ahead of you, but you are looking the wrong way!"

We can become so jaded by how amazing or horrible our past experiences were that we can't imagine better ahead. But there ARE better things ahead of us. 

The first step is changing our focus. 

Of course things will look small when we're looking through a rear view mirror. Turn your focus to the massive windshield in FRONT of you. 

In order to get this crick out of my neck from looking behind me so much, I turned to a few anchor scriptures. An anchor scripture is a passage or verse that keeps me steady when the storms of life are trying to throw me off balance. 

Here are my current anchor scriptures:

These have been such an encouragement to me! I feel silly when I think about the AMAZING things that have happened thus far in my life. The same God who gave me those gifts (even the ones I couldn't see as gifts as the time) is the SAME GOD who can blow my mind in the days to come! :) 

So as we face the the next 11 months, I hope each of us can believe that the best is yet to come. I hope we can have confidence in our Shepherd rather than certainty in our circumstances.

Be encouraged 💖


  1. That's a wonderful idea to put a spin on New Year's resolutions. Good luck!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! The best is definitely yet to come! I’ll be there to see it all unfold. Love you!

    1. Little did I know how much weight was behind these words lol
      Crazy that I posted this just a few hours before everything #engaged

  3. I like this spin on New Years Resolutions. Sometimes we really do get caught up and stuck on the past when our focus should really be on the future. What's good is that you recognised it and are ready to change it. I hope 2018 goes well for you!

    1. Thanks Olivia! And yes we can definitely get caught up looking behind us.
      Here's to looking ahead with expectancy :)