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My 2017 Blogging Resolutions!

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"Really, Jenn? New Year's Resolutions are silly and short lived." And honestly, I understand why so many share that sentiment. It does seem to be an arbitrary time or reason to improve ourselves. However, I also feel that some people need a starting point. A "deadline" of sorts to help them set goals. 

As I was blog hopping, I stumbled upon Molly's post and it inspired me to at least dream out loud for my blog. Late last year, my blogging slowed down a loooooot. I wanted to be here but then life was calling me in a hundred different directions. 

Well, it's a NEW YEAR for Quite a Novel Idea and I am super excited to start this new year off right! 

So, what are my blogging goals? 

1. Blog (at least) once a week 

I love interacting with the bookworm community and although I hope to blog more than this, I feel once a week is manageable for me at this point in my life. When I first started Quite a Novel Idea, I felt the pressure to blog at least 3 times a week. And for a while, I wasn't doing half bad! Then life hit me and was like.....

2. Draft blog ideas in advance 

Hopefully this action step will help to make goal 1 a reality and who knows? Maybe I'll even be able to post more weekly! I get ideas all of the time, but I know if I don't write it down, it'll never happen. 

I also plan to schedule posts to really help me remain consistent :) 

3. Read books that are outside of my norm 

I am soooo excited about this goal. One of my favorite things about the book community is all of the different types of genres I get exposed to! My book club just finished sending recommendations for possible reads this year and there are so many different types of books. Although, some genres aren't my "cup of tea", I want to stretch myself and see what else is out there!

Wait, that's it? Just three, Jenn? 
Yep. 3 goals. 3 manageable and realistic goals :) 

Sooo, what are some of your 2017 goals? 
Let's chat below :)  


  1. Totally doable, Jenny! I have a tough time scheduling posts in advance just because I'm one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl so that's a tough one (but not impossible).

    I wish you the best of luck this year!

    Happy reading. :)

    1. Thanks Joy! I wish I was as free spirited. I need structure lol

  2. I think scheduling posts is always helpful. I know it's helped me, especially helped me now (this year). I definitely want to blog more. I fell off severely last year. But, I miss it so I want to do it more. Good luck with all of your goals! You got this. :)

  3. Those look like great goals! I'm definitely a fan of preblogging. I don't always do it but when I do it makes my life SO much easier! I'm trying to read outside my norm too and have really enjoyed it! Good luck with your reading goals! I can't wait to see what you're reading.

  4. Girl I feel you on trying to blog three times a week. I tried doing that last year, and I was like, oh no, this is too much work, I ain't got time for this. It' so helpful drafting and scheduling posts in advance though.

  5. These are great goals, and kind of deginitely like mine. Don't you hate it when life pulls you back down to reality and reminds you that things actually happen outside of books?!
    I wish you luck on your resolutions AND I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK!! :D I hope you had some lovely holidays and have been getting off to a good start so far this year! Looking forward to seeing where 2017 takes Quite A Novel Idea!

    1. Awww! Katelynn! I've missed you :) And thanks girl. Definitely looking forward to growing with my blog this year