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Book Beginnings: Year of Yes

"You never say yes to anything." 
Six startling words. 

That's the beginning.That's the origin of it all. My sister Delorse said six startling words and changed everything. She said six words and now, as I write this, I have become a different person.

"You never say yes to anything."

She didn't even say the six startling words. She muttered them, really. Her lips barely moving, her eyes fixed intently on the large knife in her hands as she was dicing vegetables at a furious pace, trying to beat the clock. 

My 2017 Blogging Resolutions!

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"Really, Jenn? New Year's Resolutions are silly and short lived." And honestly, I understand why so many share that sentiment. It does seem to be an arbitrary time or reason to improve ourselves. However, I also feel that some people need a starting point. A "deadline" of sorts to help them set goals. 

As I was blog hopping, I stumbled upon Molly's post and it inspired me to at least dream out loud for my blog. Late last year, my blogging slowed down a loooooot. I wanted to be here but then life was calling me in a hundred different directions. 

Well, it's a NEW YEAR for Quite a Novel Idea and I am super excited to start this new year off right! 

So, what are my blogging goals? 

Happy New Year & a Book Review!

Happy New Year! OMG! It's Quite a Novel Idea's FIRST new year! 2016 had some highlights for me and launching this blog was definitely one of them :) 

So I figured what better way to start off the 2017 than with a book review. 

"What we are all looking for, is an ultimate verdict that we are important and valuable. We look for that ultimate verdict every day in all situations and people around us. And that means that every single day, we are on trial. Every day, we put ourselves back in the courtroom."