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Thankful for the Sun AND the Storms

It's the day after Thanksgiving and this morning, I woke up with so much on my heart. The holiday season has always been an interesting one for me. In about a week, it'll be the anniversary of my dad passing away--lodged between the two most festive times of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Although this could be a hard time, I recognize that gratitude is good for the heart. This morning, I felt like God was literally dragging me out of bed, inviting me to get before Him and be still. It was time well spent and this morning, some serious heart work was done. I took out my journal and Bible and began to write. What came out?

A gratitude list! Now before you begin throwing confetti over how "awww" that sounds, let me be honest. 

It was hard for me. 

*gasp* "Jenn, you have SO much to be grateful for! You should have pages and pages of things to write."  Yep. I shared the same sentiments. 

So why was I having a hard time writing this list? Why did it feel like I was reaching? Why? Why? Why?

And in God's gentleness, this is where He led me.