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Confession: I Haven't Been Totally Honest

Hi! Remember me? 

Before you begin slamming the door in my face, hear me out. I know I have been extremely inconsistent this summer. First, let me begin my apologizing. Finding balance is a personal goal of mine and it is definitely a process. 

I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit this summer and my highlight was definitely time in Ghana. While in Ghana, I was committed to being as "present" as possible. Like an ice cream cone on a summer day, if you look away for even a moment, drops of sweetness may escape you. And that was something I could not afford. My heart aches for Ghana even as I type now...the people....their voices...the love... I know I'm immensely blessed to have such a loving family. Here are a few snapshots from my trip!





But like any vacation, reality awaits you once it's over and for me, that was all too soon. Once I got back into the swing of work, I allowed various things to preoccupy my mind and time and found myself straying away from my love of reading. The crazy thing is I had the BEST of intentions. I went to the library at the end of June and checked out 7 books! My heart fluttered with excitement for the hours I'd spend getting lost in their pages. 

But instead, they served as great shelf decor and I racked up quite the library fine. Ugh. 

However, there was some silver lining in my hiatus. 

I realized I didn't want to feel forced to read books I wasn't interested in. 

When I began my blog, I was introduced to a world of amazing people, authors, poets and fellow book loving enthusiasts! And I looooove being a part of this community. However, I also found myself getting sucked into reading books simply because they were considered "must reads." 

And to be honest, some of the "must reads" were total flops for me, were genres that simply were not my cup of tea and just left me underwhelmed in general. 

I felt like I had to read certain types of books if I was going to make it in the book blogging world. 

The reality is for every book I may not like, there may 5 bloggers who will happily read and review it for you all. And vice versa.

As I feel myself re-emerging from my dormant state, I reckon (this word always makes me chuckle lol) a few things may be different for myself and for this blog. But I promise it's going to be goooooood! But how do you know Jenn?

Because I'll be blogging as my authentic self and not as I think you'd hope I'd be. 

Which means I'll probably review books that aren't ARCs. Books that aren't exclusively from 2016. Books that are nonfiction. Books that deal with spirituality. Books that are fiction. Books that just give me all the fuzzies that I crave! lol 

So as I embark on being present and honest with the woman within me, I invite you to come along and stay a while :) 


  1. Oh, dear. I think we've all been in your shoes before (except for the trip to Ghana...though that would be awesome sauce!). I always think that staying true to myself is the only way I'm going to keep my reviewing credibility. So if that means reviewing books from many years ago, then so be it. I sometimes feel a little depressed when everyone is ahead of the pack but if I let that truly get to me, I'll never be happy about blogging or reading, for that matter.

    You do what you do and you'll be happier!

  2. For starters I love your photos! It sounds like your trip and your new mindset of being present are both winners. I felt the same way you did early on when I started blogging and it does suddenly feel like it's too much and you have to do things a certain way in order to grow. But that's also the road to burnout. I also found that by blogging about books I like I find other bloggers that read the same books I do which is so much fun! Plus, after awhile I get tired of reviews of the same book and there are so many books released years ago that I've missed and need to read so I love reviews about older books! And thank about ARCs like book shopping. Only request or accept the books you'd buy.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am blown away by your wonderful trip to Ghana; what a journey and what a whole new experience. Keep on being true to yourself; life is too short to be fake or to conform to what you're not comfortable with. I believe Digital Underground once rapped, "Do whatcha like."

  4. Wow your Ghana trip photos are beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful, inspiring time there. It's a great conclusion to come to, to read just for your enjoyment and not for what you think people would want. It's easier to attract the people who are interested in your voice that way, and of course you'll enjoy it more too!

  5. Sounds like you had an amazing trip and traveling is such an amazing thing to be able to do. I am glad you enjoyed it and were present for it. I love seeing different books on blogs and discovering something new and different so I can't wait to see what you read and review!!

  6. I've been in the same dilemma as you (feeling like was reading books just to "make it" with my blog). I don't know when I had my realization of how stupid that is. It definitely wasn't on a trip to Ghana ;P haha But, I'm glad you had fun, and I'm glad you want to read for you! That's what matters. Having fun :)

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

  7. Your trip to Ghana sounds like such an amazing time. And I love the photos. I've been where you are blogging and reading wise, and I think you've got a great attitude and are on the right path. Read for you, first and foremost, and share with us what you want to. Your readers will appreciate it and it will be even more rewarding for you. :-)

  8. Your trip looks amazing! And I found myself caught up in it all a long time ago and had to stop. I stopped taking requests and hoping for arcs. I just wanted to read what I wanted to read and didn't want to feel the pressure of a deadline for a review or hurting an author who requested a review's feelings. I'm much happier reading and reviewing the books I want, whether they are old or new, they are my choice and my choice alone. You have to do what's best for you and your sanity!

  9. Love that Ghana digs down deep into your heart and gives you a chance to live unhurried and in the moment! Im sure pictures dont do it justice but you look like you had a blast! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts from books you genuinely love and enjoy. And books you thought you would like and honest reviews of...well...not liking them ;)

  10. Good to see you back on the website with a great posts and your work has always something that is admirable and one should visit your website. Great work

  11. love the way you have created your blog. The pictures makes it awesome :)