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Overcoming Insecurity

I believe many of us want to be part of an adventure. We want to have that "go-to" crowd pleaser story that we can boast about! An adventure that we had the guts to brave and a time when we surprised ourselves.

In my life, I love seeing amazing things happen. Things that just reaffirm the good in life and the goodness of God. However, if I'm honest, I simultaneously ask God to keep me out of any situation in which a miracle would actually be required. (lol don't judge me) 

There may be a teeny tiny itsy bitsy bit of a control freak deep down in my heart. 

Convinced? Yeah me neither lol. I hate when I'm in situations where even my best efforts can't fully "fix" it. I don't need to have all the answers all the time, but when things seem to be going awry, I DO want to be able to resolve them. However, the reality is, sometimes we can't fix things or undo what has already happened. And for me, this can lead to insecurity.

According to our buddy Webster, insecurity means deficient in assurance; beset by fear & anxiety; not firmly fastened or fixed. 

I promise I'm not being facetious in inserting a definition but it helps me to look up the meanings of words to aid a deeper understanding. As I read this, I thought "wow! I know I've felt some of these emotions before." 

And can I be even more transparent? I felt some of it as I thought about whether or not to write this blog post. 

But then I figured, hello!!! I'm a human being and I've talked to many men and women who can relate.

For me, finding security begins with knowing who I am and who I belong to. 

As a Christian (*gasp*...did she just go there? Yup! lol), I am learning to find my security in God. So I decided to look for narratives in the Bible of other people who have dealt with insecurity. And guess what??? THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE!
  • Elisha: bald and was teased about it 
  • Moses: speech impediment
  • Joseph: series of bad times
  • David: "too young" to be of any use
  • Hannah: barren but desperately desired a child 
I could go on and on. However, one story that stood out to me, was the story of Gideon. 

Consider this a book review on the story of Gideon ;-)

If you're interested in reading his story, you can read it here. To summarize, Gideon was selected to win the war against the biggest and baddest army of that time--the Midianites. They were a fierce and ruthless army. The problem? Gideon was not only a part of the smallest clan, but he was the weakest! His words, not mine. lol

It took quite a few pep talks to get Gideon out of his comfort zone. "Surely, I am with you," declared the Lord. This was the recurring declarative in this story.

When Gideon finally got the courage to fight, he rounded up an army of 32,000 men. So far, so good right? Wrong. God didn't want Gideon to abandon that He was going to give him victory over this beast of an army. So, Gideon's army of 32,000 was reduced to 300 and the rest of the men were sent home. 

Talk about insecure! Imagine going up against a massive army with the local girl scouts? Ummm... sorry, God. I don't think I can do this. And maybe you can't, but God can! And Gideon did! And the crazy part...his army snuck up on the Midianites, blew trumpets around their camp and shattered clay jars throwing the Midianites into a confused frenzy. Gideon and his men didn't even have to fight. God took care of him!

I love this story! I love that despite the serious odds being stacked up against him, Gideon chose to put his trust in God and take a step of faith. For me, there are some things in my life that threaten my peace constantly. 

But I realize that although I cannot control what happens, I can control how I respond. 

And that's all that really matters. How do we respond when life throws lemons our way? Do we shrink back and question everything we know? OR do we face our giants and walk in the strength God freely offers? 

Remember those adventures I mentioned earlier? Go have one this week! Do something brave and positive that you may be hesitating to do! 

I want to encourage each of you to walk with your head held high in the knowledge that you are something special! And even when you can't "fix" some things, it doesn't take away from all of the amazing attributes you DO possess. 

How do you combat insecurity?


  1. Jenn,
    This is a really powerful post! Thanks for sharing and being transparent.

  2. I'm so thankful for this article!!! I love how you used the word "shrink" because it painted a clear picture in mind of what fear and insecurity can do. We shrink when we devalue ourselves to receive the approval of someone else. When we put all our energy towards reaching the expectations of people versus reaching the expectations of our Creator, we are shrinking. God never created humanity to walk in fear but He created us to be a people who love another, a people of spiritual authority and a people who can maintain self control in their responses to life's chaotic moments.
    The more you seek God, the more you will learn your TRUE identity. We shrink because we don't know what God says about us. When the people of Israel were put in the wilderness, they had every opportunity to shrink and return back to their old ways, their old beliefs, their old lifestyle but yet they were strong enough to embrace the blessing in the wilderness. In other words, they were able maintain their security and dependence in an undefeated God in the midst of defeated circumstances. Their purpose and progress continued in the midst of hard times.
    So don't shrink back but stand on the Word of God, knowing what He says about you and knowing who you belong to. God longs to take every fear and insecurity and delete it from your life so that you may walk on the fullness of what He has for you.

    1. "We shrink when we devalue ourselves to receive the approval of someone else. When we put all our energy towards reaching the expectations of people versus reaching the expectations of our Creator, we are shrinking. "

      I completely agree! I know I've done this and the feeling of self betrayal is a weighty one. In the end, I know that Jenn is her best when her confidence is in Christ above all. Thank you so much :)