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Teacher Chronicles: Last Day of School!

I can't believe the school year is over! It's crazy how the school year has flown by! When I first began teaching, I had no idea I'd enjoy it as much as I am. I started off teaching 1st grade for two years, then did Kindergarten, then first grade again and now I'm looping up with my scholars to teach 2nd grade! As a teacher, I get entry to a free comedy show DAILY lol and honestly, it keeps me young(er) lol 

I feel so fortunate to have a job I love waking up to go to. 

Here are a few snapshots of the amaaaazing year I had with the best scholars ever ;) 

Each morning our scholars declare the year they will graduate from college.
All about the vision :)

Oh, the adventures of Calendar Math :)

Growing her brain :) 

Excuse the messiness...we're making memories here :) 

Independent reading

The best 1st grade team everrrrr :)
Winnie the Pooh in the flesh lol 

And that's a wrap!!! :) 

Going to miss my minions but we'll be back at it in a few weeks. Summer vacation, here I come!!!
PS: I have a few upcoming adventures I can't wait to share with you all ;)  

Do you have summer vacation plans or vacation plans period for 2016?? Share them below :)  


  1. Looks like you had a great year. Hard to believe the school year went by so fast and that my step-daughter will be a 3rd grader!

    No real plans other than working. Nothing is definite yet.

  2. I love teachers, and I especially love the ones who "LOVE" their job. My brother and his wife are teachers - middle school health/physED and she teaches First Grade. They both love what they do and I applaud all teachers who find joy in helping others. I go on Summer vacations every 2 years (or if something comes up). This July, we're headed back to Orlando FL for Disney. We did Universal Studios the last time we went, but I love the whole city. We have lots of kids in the family, but me and my boyfriend take our own trips sometimes, so we try to have fun and relax. We haven't been anywhere alone since 2013, when we went to Vegas. I think it's time. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks so much Lekeisha! :) I've never been to Disney but hopefully I can go someday sooooon

  3. Welcome to summer!! These scholars are lucky to get you two years in a row!! I'm looking forward to two vacations this summer. One in June to Las Vegas with my girls ^_^ and one in July to Florida with my hubby and some other married friends. In between that I plan to keep working and do A LOT of reading!! I finished two books this week, hoping to close on another one before the end of the month! #bookworm #readinggoals #lovetheblog #keepitcoming ;)

    PS...My husband and I are doing some research on some autobiographies that would be good to read. Would love any suggestions on some good ones to check out!!

    1. Thanks Toya! :) Looking forward to that Vegas trip ayyyyye! lol
      And it depends on what types of people you're interested in. Fill me in on who and I can suggest a few if I know of any