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WOW: Word of the Week

“A man with a scant vocabulary will almost certainly be a weak thinker. The richer and more copious one's vocabulary and the greater one's awareness of fine distinctions and subtle nuances of meaning, the more fertile and precise is likely to be one's thinking. Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing.” - Henry Hazlitt

 I love words. Seriously, I find the strategic use of vocabulary absolutely mesmerizing. I figured I wouldn't be being my authentic self if I didn't share my interest of acquiring new words with you! So each week, I will share a WOW word with you all.

This week's word is *drum roll please* 


verb  re·pu·di·ate  \ri-ˈpyü-dē-ˌāt\
: to refuse to accept or support (something) : to reject (something or someone)
: to say or show that (something) is not true

Inspiration for this word? None other than Raymond Reddington from the show "The Blacklist"
His vocabulary is everything!

Until next time :)  

How you feel when you drop that knowledge in the middle of a casual conversation lol