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Jenn's Jots: Books vs. eBooks

Man oh man. This is a topic that has caused quite a debate amongst literature lovers around the world. "To swipe or not to swipe? That is the question." (mentally high fives Hamlet lol) 

Technology literally shapes our world. Seriously, have you ever been in a power outage? How crippled did you feel? Exactly. But is there a line in the sand when it comes to the ease technology offers us?

I'd say there definitely is. I'm a bookie. Through and through. I can't help it. I love the smell of new books, flipping their pages, strategically shelving them, and more. I love technology as much as the next person but seriously, most of my eBooks and Kindle reads are a part of my Unread Library. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

Now I'm not too obdurate to admit there are pros of eBooks. Here are a few pros of both :) 

Pros of e-Books
  • Can benefit the visually impaired with its numerous text size options
  • Can tap words for the definition instantly
  • Can note and highlight parts of the book to locate them later
  • Tend to be a bit cheaper than hardcopies 
  • You can read at night without the light on 
  • Portability. Easy to tote around several books with carrying an actual book 

Pros of regular book
  • Aesthetics. Charm of turning actual pages and the smell of books
  • Easier to focus. Think about it. No internet connection to divert your attention
  • Books don't run out of battery
  • You can get books for next to nothing at second hand shops and thrift stores
  • Can shelf them which serves a dual purpose for decor and dialogue
  • Can lend and swap books with friends
  • Research shows paper texts help to retain information

My opinion? I feel that paper books are timeless. As I post about my books, best bet is I have a dog-eared book nearby awaiting my attention. 




  1. I love your take on technology! I'm a bookie too! If I can't see the book and actually hold it; I won't read it ��

  2. I love your take on technology! I'm a bookie too! If I can't see the book and actually hold it; I won't read it ��

  3. This is a great debate. I actually read from book, but yes i agree there is nothing like flipping through those crisp pages of a brand new book. I also want to have my own mini library (book shelf), one day in my future house, and it would be hard to do so with an ebook lol..Love your blogs!

    1. Thanks Taniesha! And yes, book shelves just add a certain sophistication to a room :)

  4. I guess I'm in the minority on this one :/ I do love a good ol' fashioned book, but I also love the appeal of having multiple books at once without having to physically tote them around with me...especially because I tend to read 5 books at once lol

    1. That's a good point! I get why people like eBooks and the convenience of it. They both serve their purpose buuuut a regular book can never run out of battery lol xoxo

  5. Great stuff Meech! I love holding an actual book as well. The pages do smell fresh and the paper in my hand is soooooo relaxing, that it soothes me to sleep. So! I use e-books... Hahaha. I tend to fall asleep less when I have the light behind the page and the only alternative seems to be me leaning over my hot lamp as I flip through actual pages. LoL, I'll pass.

  6. I love the old book smell, where it has a musk and dust and memories within the pages, and the textures that it grows: new books with their soft covers, and old books with brittle weathered covers. There is no replacing a hard copy, for anything - but I can't argue with the ease of carrying 75 books with me in my pocket because of Audible.
    I refused to acknowledge e-books or audiobooks until it became impossible for me to travel with my books because I would ruin them, or would run out of books too fast and could not carry all of them (books I brought, and books I bought) back home.
    I justify buying e-books, figuring I'm simply screening the books I won't like. E-books are cheaper, after all. And I find an e-book I like, I will buy the actual book itself to add to my library to keep and re-read over and over.