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5 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

That awkward moment when you have to remind yourself how to log back into your own blog.... *face palm* 

I cannot believe how long it's been since I last posted! I have missed Quite a Novel Idea more than I realized and have missed interacting with fellow book worms! I figured it's high time that I explain myself and my absence. So let's catch up, shall we? 

Meet a Fellow Bookworm! : Molly

Aah the joys of bookstagram, book twitter and book blogging. Since I started this journey a year ago, I've met SOOOO many amazing book lovers. And to be honest....I didn't even know book blogging was a thing! But now that my eyes have been opened, I've decided that occasionally, I will be interviewing other book bloggers to help introduce my readers to other great blogs! 

Today's bookworm is ...

Monthly Wrap Up: April Edition!

April Showers bring May Flowers... at least that's what they say. And for me, April showered me with SO much love, peace and WORK! lol 

So what did the month of April look like for me? 

Book Swap Party!!!

by Guest Contributor,
Gabrielle Newton

            While most of my Sunday afternoons can be captured at brunch, this past month I decided to trade in the buzzy mimosas for buzz-worthy reads amongst fellow bookworms. Since the beginning of the New Year, I’ve made a concerted effort to gather friends together for a variety of fun soirees. For this specific function, my good friend Stephanie and I both knew we wanted to bring our love of books and reading together to create an event that was “one for the books” (please tell me you giggled when read that). Below I will share tips on how to host the perfect book swap party, including free printables!